Thursday, 10 September 2009

In a Year or Two

The dusk’s gloom will vanish

The night will usher in a new dawn

In the glory of the divine light

Potala will regain its lost grandeur

By the whistling wind of change

Jhomolangma will be kissed

Monsoon of freedom it will bring

And beneath the rainbow of joy

The harvest of rangzen

We will then reap

All in a year or two, he says

But the year in question

More than 365 days seems to have

Months countless and weeks infinite

Hours incalculable and minutes indefinite

Your year is stretching longer

As my old dreams are getting older

More obscure, I fear they will get

In your year or two, I say

With folded hands we should pray

Propitiate the deities, please the heavens

Ultimately we will be blessed

Escorted by our karma

To our promised land , we will be led

All in a year or two, he says

But unanswered prayers have

swallowed 50 years

The deities seem unperturbed

and the heavens forbidden

Let's be innovative and act wise

moment is ripe and time concise

The fire will die and ashes scatter

In your year or two, I say

Our saviour is a champion

Compassionate, graceful and benign

With his charisma, our happiness He will buy

Norbulingka will then host its Master

Lhasa will then embrace its estranged sons

All in a year or two, he says

Our leader seems the lone warrior

Burdened by six million aspirations

We bask in the first rays of morning

As he toils in his life’s evening

One man army, for how long?

This indifference, for how long?

Let's sing the ballad of life now

Before we cease to matter

In your year or two, I say

America is a champion of freedom

Europe a harbinger of democracy

They will rescue our Fatherland

from its unendurable pain and misery

We will then cross the Nathula

for the first sight of Phayul

All in a year or two, he says

Our dreams are Tibetan,

Not European, not American

This fight belongs to us only

Fought it should be by us

From now, from today

Not in your year or two, I say

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